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Our fields

Find out more about Roborough Fields

The two fields just north of Roborough in Devon have been used for low-intensity agriculture for the last 15 years or so. The west field is semi-improved grassland that has been grazed by sheep and the east field is wet and has just been cut periodically for animal bedding. 


Our project will transform the east field into a wetland complex of shallow pools, ditches and deeper ponds. We can trickle the spring water out over the land to create a proper wetland and wet meadow. The west field has lighter soils and here we plan a dense complex of Devonbank hedgerows, ditches, field trees and wildflower. 


The fact that the site already has ancient Devon bank hedgerows and a supply of clean spring water from above allows for significant habitat creation which will create a biodiversity hotspot.  The surrounding land also has Devon banks, woodland and fallow fields with no intensive agriculture so the new habitats will blend into and reinforce the existing plant and animal communities.

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