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How to

Plant and encourage
natural regeneration

If you can get it, natural regeneration is much better in the long term than planting. If you have tree and shrub species popping up on their own, then protect them and let them grow. 

Here a Jay has stored an acorn in the turf and forgotten it.  We can then protect this seedling oak, with a shelter and stake.

Our front field in particular can be very windy, and it is noticeable that flying invertebrates, like dragonflies, prefer still, warm conditions, so we have planted particularly on the up-wind side to create shelter.


Hedgerow species seem to grow really rapidly in the turned over banks of turf.  The heavy soil is fluffed up and perfect for growth.  The banks are also perfect habitat for invertebrates and rodents.


These two before (2020) and after (2023) shots show how our field margins have billowed out with vegetation growth.

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