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 Roborough Rewilders

"We know what needs doing. All we have to do now is go out and do it.”

These are wildlife highlights from our fields captured on trail cameras.

In February 2020 Nick and Annie Benge bought 10 acres of Devon farmland just north of the village of Roborough, in rural North Devon (OS Grid Ref: SS576175). The aim of the project was to increase biodiversity as much as possible. The fields were a mixture of grazed pasture and rush pasture.

How the fields looked when we bought them in 2020.

In February 2021 we took two diggers in and stripped turf, built banks and dug ponds. This was the main intervention, designed to start the process of letting nature back into the fields. 

February-2021-Roborough-Rewilding-Project (7).jpg
Species Totaliser.png

Species Totaliser

In 2020 a baseline survey found 250 species ~ 

we currently have 


How the fields looked in 2022, after two years of our interventions.

Since then, we have done some fencing and seeding, brought in brash, rubble and dead wood plus introducing Shetland sheep, Tamworth pigs and Red Ruby Devon cattle as mob grazers.


A plan representation of the fields now.

Our baseline survey in August 2020 by the ecology company Clarkson & Woods revealed 250 species of animals and plants.

Project Timeline

We are now in the process of setting up a charity and passing the fields over to it.  Our aim is to gain access to more land in order to expand the project, and also to help other people to bring a bit more ‘wild’ back into their land.

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Small Copper Butterfly Lycaena phlaeas
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