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Get involved

Make a donation
or become a member

You can help the project by becoming a member or donating


The money we receive will go towards the day-to-day work on the ground, as well as help with the running costs of the charity.


All members will receive our Newsletter every three or four months, as well as updates from the fields with videos and stills of the animals and plants living there. There will also be an invitation to our Annual Roborough Rewilders bash in the fields.


Otter members will also get a personal guided walk around the project with Nick.

Goshawk (£60/year)
Otter (£120/year)

All donations are very gratefully received and help us continue our work restoring land to become a bio-diverse ecosystem for wildlife. 


Corporate Companies

We would love to work

with corporate companies, please 

contact us direct to discuss your specific

needs and requirements.  Thank you.

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